Jimmy & Kolie

Our Story

Nicole lived right around the corner from James while growing up. They even went to the same elementary school for a couple years, but since she was a year older, they never met. During middle school, they both happened to join the high school marching band. Finally they met. Nicole was in the color guard, and James "Stump" played the bass drum. Although they always seemed to be at practice, they never really hung out since both sections were off doing their own thing.

While James was a freshman, he realized he had a crush on Nicole, but felt she was "out of his league." A mutual friend also said that she was dating someone at the time (although she wasn't) and thus, he didn't approach her. At the same time, Nicole had a crush on James. They started talking and hanging out in school more, and even routinely exchanged notes in the hallway between classes. However, Nicole's passes were apparently too subtle and he started dating someone else. Nicole then went out with someone else as well. The stars just weren't aligned yet.

In April 2001, the marching band took a trip to Boston, Massachusetts. During that trip, James and Nicole hung out with each other almost exclusively. They seemed to wander away from their group of friends and go off by themselves all the time. This caused quite a controversy because James was dating someone else at the time. She was not in the band, although she had friends who were, and they were starting to cause problems. Although they were "dating" they never hung out, and only occasionally talked on the phone. It wasn't much of a relationship and James had already considered breaking it off. At the same time, he really started to connect with Nicole, and knew he would be much happier with her. Although James and Nicole spent a lot of time together in Boston, they respected the relationship that James was in, and they behaved themselves. About a week after they came back from Boston, James had broken it off with his current girlfriend.

The rest is pretty much history... They have been together ever since (although they didn't technically begin dating until the following January).