We wanted to experience a couple different places on our honeymoon. So, we flew to the Dutch side of St. Maarten and spent the first night at the gorgeous Mary's Boon Resort right by the airport. We had an awesome dinner on the beach at the hotel restaurant. If you stay there, you have to do the dinner on the beach, it is definately worth it. The next day, we got up late, laid by the beach for a little while, and checked out of our hotel. We then headed over to Marigot on the French side of St. Martin and took the ferry to Anguilla.

We stayed at the Allamanda Beach Club on Shoal Bay East in Anguilla. To be honest, we weren't all that impressed. I know it was their slow season, but they appeared closed while we were there. There seemed to be almost nobody staying at the hotel, the hot tubs were drained, and the pool needed to be cleaned. The office also never seemed to be open. Other hotels on the beach seemed to be happening places and the beach was very beautiful, so we just spent our time on the beach in front of the other hotels. We definitely recommend Uncle Ernie's for lunch. It was the best BBQ beach bar on the beach and we ate their quite a few times while we were there. After five days on the island, our todo list was dwindling for Anguilla and growing for St. Martin, so we headed for the ferry back to St. Martin.

We spent the next 8 days on Orient Bay on the French side of St. Martin before flying back.