Our Bridal Party


Alisa Freedman
Maid of Honor

Alisa is Nicole's sister and twin sister to Melissa. She is currently attending Bergen Community College and also volunteers on the Lodi Ambulance Corps. Hopefully, we won't be needing her expertise at the reception.


Michael Nolan
Best Man

Nolan lived on Stump's floor freshman year of college and they pretty much instantly became great friends. By sophomore year, they had moved in together. (They were roommates, now get your head out of the gutter!) While sharing a room, they grew even closer and they were each other's support when shit started to hit the fan (usually involved a female). With all the advice going back and forth however, Nolan somehow forgot to talk Stump out of the engagement. O well. (Just kidding Kolie ;)


Melissa Freedman
Maid of Honor

Melissa is Nicole's sister and twin sister to Alisa. She is currently attending Bergen Community College.


Tom Kida

Tom and Stump have been friends for a long time. Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Band, Drama, they did it all together and everything in between. Oh, and I almost forgot, he dated Nicole too. Through it all, they all remained friends.


Kathleen Stump

Kathleen is Jimmy's sister. She's a junior at Lodi High School and is on the cheerleading squad. There may be times when she really acts like a cheerleader and if you didn't know any better, you'd think she was a Taurus, but we love her anyway. ;)


Drew Tauber

Drew was also on the same floor with Stump and they also became great friends. Being the same major as Stump, they spent a lot of boring classes together. If the ceremony starts dragging on, don't be surprized if there's some private commentary between the two over text message.


Amanda Stump

Amanda is Jimmy's cousin. She is a math teacher at Ridgewood High School.


Michael Chizmaida
Ring Bearer

Michael is Nicole's cousin and Joey's brother.


Juliana Stump
Flower Girl

Juliana is the daughter of one of Jimmy's cousins.


Joey Chizmaida
Ring Bearer

Joey is Nicole's cousin and Michael's brother. Nicole is also Joey's godmother.